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Worldwide Music Distribution

Get your music playing in over 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100+ countries worldwide.

Keep 100% of Your Sales

On God Promotionse never takes a cut of your sales. Every penny you earn is put right into your On God Promotionse account.

Comprehensive Sales Data

Find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming your music so you can increase marketing efforts and plan tours around those cities.

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Our Services

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Marketing Support

Every week we promote artistes and pitch stores to prominently place new releases.

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Detailed Analytics

Understand your sales and identify trends to optimize your release strategy.

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Channel Management

Make the most out of your YouTube & VEVO strategy.

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Freeme Digital can put you in touch with the directors, labels, managers or artistes you need.

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Ownership Rights

You keep 70% of your master recording ownership, copywrites and merchandise rights.

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Video Production

We help labels, managers & artists get great videos on affordable budgets.

Artist Services

Prepare Your Music

Take all of the necessary steps to success before you distribute your next release. Whether you need feedback, licensing, or mastering, we’ve got you covered.

Get Ready To Sell Your Music

Get everything covered before you get your music to digital stores - stock up on physical copies of your next release, design your website, or start earning money from your music on YouTube.

Promote Your Music

Once your music is out there, make sure it gets heard. Promote yourself to new listeners, and connect with your existing fans from home or on the road.